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Most of us are on the clock. In the obvious sense, yes – we’re working 9-to-5, 5-of-7. But it extends beyond that. Our days are dictated by a rigid, complex framework of calendar invitations, time zones, reminders on your phone, save-the-date cards, appointments, school terms, quarterly forecasts and… whatever it is that controls the traffic lights. It’s a schedule somehow both inescapable and self-imposed. But it’s not universal. Because there’s a different place. One just beyond the mountains, but just before the plains. A place that isn’t on the clock....

Visit Snowy Valleys

There’s a place – tucked away just past the mountains, but just before the plains – that still runs to the rhythms of the seasons. Where you have to wait for spring for the snows to melt into crystal clear streams perfect for fly-fishing. Where you have to wait for our cool summers to arrive for the harvest of the grapes that make for truly unique, small-batch wines. Where you have to wait for winter to drop natural, pure, fluffy snow on the slopes of Mount Selwyn. But that’s the beauty of true seasons – while you’re waiting for the next one, you can enjoy the joys of the one you’re in. So come, visit the Snowy Valleys – and find out what’s in-season.

Coming Soon: Trip Planner

Make the drive to the Snowy Valleys, and experience life at a different pace. Our trip planner, coming soon, will help you to craft a Snowy Valleys adventure unique to your desires. As you browse the wonders between the mountains and the plains, add them to your wish list and let the Trip Planner design an itinerary just for you. Because good things take time, we’re still working on this feature. When will the planner launch? Join our mailing list and be among the first to know when it goes live.
Events in the Snowy Valleys change with the seasons, celebrating and delighting in the richness of our climate. As cool weather approaches, the crisp morning air welcomes visitors to Batlow CiderFest. Our winter events, announced soon, encourage you to embrace the season, with crackling fires, delicious local food and cool-climate wine experiences.

Explore & Taste – Tumbarumba Tastebuds

@ 26th October 9am - 27th October 5pm
Explore and Taste wines and gourmet produce at Tumbarumba Tastebuds – a lush spring affair. Visit vineyards, cellar doors and open gardens as you enjoy this Spring weekend in Tumbarumba...
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A Runner’s Guide to Tumbarumba’s Hume and Hovell Ultra

@ 12th October 6am - 13th October 4pm
If you’re fit, love outdoor adventure, and are finding that fun-runs, park runs, and half-marathons no longer provide enough of a challenge, perhaps trail running is the sport for you*. ...
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Enjoy a Winter Mountain Adventure in Tumbarumba

Head to Tumbarumba this winter to enjoy the mountains at their finest. Nest:Cinema:Cafe:Books continues their Winter Mountain Adventure tradition with a range of wonderful events to tempt ALL of your...
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