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Fanny Lumsden was always planning to launch her new album, ‘Fallow’ in Tooma. She just hadn’t planned the fire part. So making the album launch a fundraiser for the Tooma Bushfire Recovery made the most sense.

Fanny will donate all proceeds of this event to the Tooma/Maragle Community Bushfire Recovery fund, which is raising money to help with the clean up after the fires, supply feed for pets and stock, rebuilding fences, sheds, mental health resources and more. Catering and bar will be run by the Tooma Recreation and Hall Committee.

The ‘Buy a local a ticket’ option is also available, where you can purchase a ticket for a fire-affected local to attend instead of you.

All Fanny asks is that you pre-order her new album Fallow through her website, which supports her as an artist in many ways.

Concept by Fanny Lumsden and Dan Stanley Designs and photography and art by Dan Stanley Designs.

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