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In May 2019, Bob Bramley was the youngest person to circumnavigate Australia solo and unassisted by aircraft – 30 stops, 13,000km, 17 days – whilst raising awareness about youth suicide prevention through his charitable initiative: “Surviving Turbulence – Flying high against youth suicide”.

Tumut Aero Club are hosting two presentations by Bob Bramley:
– Saturday 14th December, 12pm (presentation to youth of the region, all welcome)
– Sunday 15th December, 11am (presentation to the aviation community, all welcome)

Bob Bramley is a 17 year old growing up on a farm in North-West Tasmania. He has a strong passion for aviation and hopes to one day pilot a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. When Bob’s not busy flying, he’s helping his parents sell vegetables, working at the village store or hanging out with his mates from Scouts.

Image: Lachlan Bennett

Bob planned to break the world record for the youngest person to circumnavigate Australia solo and unassisted by aircraft in April 2019, using his world record attempt to raise awareness about youth suicide prevention by working with Beyond Blue.

The issue is close to his heart as he almost lost two close friends to suicide in late 2017. It’s also something that significantly affects rural communities across Australia like his hometown Kindred. Bob hoped to use his flight to promote discussion about mental health and create positive change in rural communities.

Bob has a long-time passion for aviation and in January 2018 completed his first solo flight. The previous year he was named Student Pilot of the Year at his flight school. Bob shared his passion for flight by developing the first aviation training program for Scouts in Tasmania. He also became the youngest person in the history of Scouts Tasmania to be appointed Tasmanian State Coordinator for Scout Air Activities in 2017. Devonport Aero Club awarded Bob Pilot of the Year 2018/2019. He has spoken to Port Sorell Lions Club and Perth Primary School (Tas) and other forums and raised funds for his non-profit charity Surviving Turbulence.

(Photography by Lachlan Bennett)

Bob Bramley flyer

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